Sprout Cannon - Crochet
  • Sprout Cannon - Crochet
  • Sprout Cannon - Crochet
  • Sprout Cannon - Crochet

Sprout Cannon - Crochet

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The Sprout Cannon is suitable for germinating seeds, beans, grains and pulses.



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The Sprout Cannon is a clay germinator for seeds, beans, grains and pulses.

The germinator consists of 1 growing chamber, two lids, two pegs and a rubber band.The germinator is made of unglazed earthenware that is highly porous and thus is able to breathe and absorb and release moisture to maintain a constant level of humidity.

Each germinator is assembled to the best fit and comes with the INSTRUCTION GUIDE and spare silicone rubber bands.

Sprout Cannons are unique and hand-crafted, developed and produced only by GAIA Sprouters company. We use the purest earthenware clay and food grade silicone rubber bands. Made in the UK.

Height of complete sprouter: cca 185 mm or 7 in
Diameter of complete sprouter: cca 105 mm or 4 in

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Instructions Sprout Cannon

Instruction guide for the Sprout Cannon

Download (66.31KB)

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