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GAIA Sprouter® - 14cm dia - Ivory White


suitable for sprouting, germinating and growing plant shoots, microgreens or grasses

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The GAIA Sprouter® consists of 2 growing trays, base and lid. The growing trays are made of unglazed earthenware that is highly porous and thus is able to breathe = absorb and release moisture to maintain a constant level of humidity. The lid and base are glazed to make them non-porous and easier to clean. Each sprouter is hand-assembled to the best fit and comes with the INSTRUCTION GUIDE and 6 FILTER PAPER DISCS - lining for the GAIA sprouter when sprouting small seeds.

The GAIA Sprouter is suitable for sprouting seeds, germinating beans and pulses and growing plant shoots, microgreens or grasses.

GAIA Sprouters are hand-crafted and have the GAIA brand mark on the side of the sprouting tray. The clay is sourced directly from the place of crafting and glazes used for the lid and the base are lead free and certified non-toxic. Made in EU and UK.

Height of complete sprouter: cca 15cm
Diameter of complete sprouter: cca 15cm



superior sprouter

In my seven plus years of sprouting, I have tried many methods-- mason jars, bowls, mesh seives, growing trays, nut milk bag. The challenge with these methods was hydration (too much or too little). I had never used a clay sprouter until I purchased my first GAIA sprouter. The clay keeps the seeds perfectly hydrated. I now own two of these wonderful GAIA sprouters and couldn't be more pleased with my sprout harvest :)


    works brilliantly

    Just wanted to come back and say the clay pot worked brilliantly with my broccoli sprouts. I had several previous attempts in a glass jar where I lost half of them down the sink, struggled to drain them properly and ended up with them smelling bad unless I religiously rinsed them four times a day. The sprouter is effortless by comparison – if you add a bit of water it washes through and I left them for 48 hrs while away for work, and they grew perfectly in my absence. Just need a final few hours with the lid off in a sunny spot to turn them green. So it was a great investment – I can now grow my own vegetable in 3-4 days, and I’ll keep doing it because it’s no trouble. I hesitated a bit before I bought it because obviously there are cheaper sprouters out there, but now I’m sure it was the best one to go for.


      very good quality product

      I have previously used a few of the different plastic sprouters available with poor results and ended up needing to throw too many batches of spoiled seeds away. I do find my glass jar one fiddly to use, but very good for alfalfa sprouts. On considering the price my GAIA sprouter was a bit of an indulgent purchase. I am very pleased with it and the sprout harvests. My mixed bean sprouts were beautifully fresh. It’s easy to irrigate the seeds and clean the trays. I plan to experiment sprouting grains as I don’t fear wastage from the sprouts drying out or turning fusty. It is very good quality product and it looks really cute on my worktop!


        Great purchase!!!

        Though it is quite expensive I love my new sprouter. It looks cute and does its job:-))

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          GAIA Sprouter® - 14cm dia - Ivory White

          GAIA Sprouter® - 14cm dia - Ivory White

          suitable for sprouting, germinating and growing plant shoots, microgreens or grasses

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