Over the past decade, GAIA Sprouters has been fortunate enough to receive an abundance of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Our clay sprouter has proven to be a durable and reliable kitchen asset that is highly sought after. Although we weren’t always consistent in obtaining reviews, we’ve managed to preserve some of them with their original date stamps from our previous web-shops: The Clay Like Company and GAIA Sprouters old web-shop.

We’re excited to announce that these reviews can now be listed from the archive on our new web-shop platform. We’ve included a small selection of them below for your convenience. We’re proud to say that the most of our old hand-made range of GAIA Sprouters have received a 5 out of 5 stars rating!

We’re always looking for feedback from our customers and we encourage you to leave your own review on our new web-shop gaiasprouters.com for our NEW generation of GAIA sprouters. All new reviews will be published on the product pages in the order they are received.


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Reviews on GAIA Clay Sprouters:

5/5 stars

Bonnie 26/09/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Racing Green

Amazing wrapping job!

We received our handcrafted sprouter and it is beautiful with its rich terra-cotta and green glaze (what an amazing wrapping job!) At first, I was concerned that it was so small, but it is actually just what we need. It fits into the small space we have on our counter perfectly. And all I need to do is soak the mung beans overnight and leave them for a day or so and I have plump and tasty sprouts to enjoy – no rinsing needed ;-) I will try experimenting with other kinds of seeds. Thank you so much for your help with this. We must spread the word for such a high quality product.


5/5 stars

Jenny 04/05/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Racing Green

Lovely handmade sprouter. Ordered and delivered easily. Packaged well. Very pleased.


5/5 stars

Julia 26/02/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Racing Green

I love my clay sprouter!

I expected good things from this product, but it has exceeded my expectations. It is so easy to grow beautiful sprouts, and so many varieties. With a daily rinse, the sprouter stays moist and cool, so the sprouts never dry out, nor do they become moldy or wilted. I can't believe I used to rely on store-bought sprouts before. Once you start growing your own at home, you will never go back!


5/5 stars

Alison 24/02/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Racing Green


What a sprouter! We love it. Easy to use and produces great sprouts! Thank you so much.


5/5 stars

Nadya 09/10/2017 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Ivory White

Superior sprouter

In my seven plus years of sprouting, I have tried many methods-- mason jars, bowls, mesh sieves, growing trays, nut milk bags. The challenge with these methods was hydration (too much or too little). I had never used a clay sprouter until I purchased my first GAIA sprouter. The clay keeps the seeds perfectly hydrated. I now own two of these wonderful GAIA sprouters and couldn't be more pleased with my sprout harvest :)


5/5 stars

Kate 26/09/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Ivory White

Works brilliantly!

Just wanted to come back and say the GAIA clay sprouter worked brilliantly with my broccoli sprouts. I had several previous attempts in a glass jar where I lost half of them down the sink, struggled to drain them properly and ended up with them smelling bad unless I religiously rinsed them four times a day. The sprouter is effortless by comparison – if you add a bit of water it washes through and I left them for 48 hrs while away for work, and they grew perfectly in my absence. Just need a final few hours with the lid off in a sunny spot to turn them green. So it was a great investment – I can now grow my own vegetable in 3-4 days, and I’ll keep doing it because it’s no trouble. I hesitated a bit before I bought it because obviously there are cheaper sprouters out there, but now I’m sure it was the best one to go for.


5/5 stars

Andrea 26/09/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Ivory White

Very good quality product!

I have previously used a few of the different plastic sprouters available with poor results and ended up needing to throw too many batches of spoiled seeds away. I do find my glass jar one fiddly to use, but very good for alfalfa sprouts. On considering the price my GAIA sprouter was a bit of an indulgent purchase. I am very pleased with it and the sprout harvests. My mixed bean sprouts were beautifully fresh. It’s easy to irrigate the seeds and clean the trays. I plan to experiment sprouting grains as I don’t fear wastage from the sprouts drying out or turning fusty. It is a very good quality product and it looks really cute on my worktop!


5/5 stars

Zuzana 01/03/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Ivory White

Great purchase!!!

Though it is quite expensive, I love my new sprouter. It looks cute and does its job:-))


5/5 stars

Alison 03/03/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Ivory White

I think the sprouter is the best I have ever had, it makes really wonderful tasty sprouts…

The price is quite reasonable for such a lovely hand made item. It is superior to my old plastic sprouter both aesthetically and in performance.


5/5 stars

Sigi 24/03/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Racing Green

Within a week of having this clay sprouter, it became one of the indispensable items in my kitchen! I used to sprout in a jar, which was cumbersome. Now sprouting is easy peasy. And since there are 2 containers, you can stagger your harvest for non-stop sprouts. Simply put, I LOVE this!!!!!


5/5 stars

Nigel 13/03/2016 GAIA Sprouter - 14cm dia - Deep Bordeaux

The best sprouters! They look beautiful, they’re well made, reasonably priced and do the job efficiently. The unglazed units absorb and hold excess moisture, keeping the temperature down: delicious results every time. There are similar products around but I’ve found these are the best.

Packaging and delivery were excellent. 


5/5 stars

A Lewis 29/02/2016 GAIA Sprouter 17cm dia - Green

Best Sprouter I have had a number of sprouters but this is the best and it looks great too.


5/5 stars

H Sahota 28/02/2016 GAIA Sprouter - Triplet 14cm dia

Very happy Wonderful product. I'm so happy with my sprouter. Excellent delivery too.


5/5 stars

Dr Elizabeth 26/02/2016 GAIA Sprouter - Triplet 14cm dia

Simply the best - and most beautiful too.The most beautiful sprouter you can possibly get –and extraordinarily successful for growing all sorts of sprouts, it also looks and feels great – earthenware of high quality, so a complete joy to have, look at and to use. Not many sprouters look nice, and avoid plastics – this one is unique. And the service is brilliant. Lots of advice and friendly support for the beginner. Well done – keep up the good work.


5/5 stars

Maddy 26/02/2016 GAIA Sprouter - Triplet 14cm dia 

Gaia clay triple sprouter "best present I’ve been given since I was 6" says my 38 year old boyfriend. High praise indeed! A really high quality sprouter that is just as beautiful looking as it is effective. We now have fresh sprouts with every salad and it has kept my other half busy tending to his beans. We haven't had any sprouts go off yet which seems to happen in the cheaper plastic sprouters as it is quite breathable but we have found the clay tray needs washing well with hot water between each set of beans for the best tasting results. Thank you GAIA Sprouters Company, it has brought plenty of joy to our little household.

Reviews from Amazon US: 

5/5 stars

Bruce Reviewed in the United States on June 13, 2017 Verified Purchase

Finally, a sprouting system that works for me! 

Like other reviewers of the Gaia sprouter, I have fallen in love with this product. I have never achieved such superb results with any other product. Here's what I do. I usually sprout broccoli or a broccoli seed mix in one try, and radish or a different mix in the second tray. To start, I take two mason jars with a stainless steel mesh lids and place 2 tbsp seeds (such as broccoli or radish or mix) in about two cups of water plus about a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in each and let the, soak for 30-60 minutes. Then I drain and rinse the seeds, add 2 cups more fresh water and let the seeds soak overnight. The next morning, I drain and set the jars on their sides (slightly tipped to help drain the rest of the water out) and if the seeds are small enough to fall through the holes in the Gaia sprouter, I keep rinsing and draining until the seeds have started to germinate and the radishes grow out a couple millimeters (which takes a couple days). Once the seedlings are large enough that they won't fall through the holes in the sprouter, I add some water to the mason jars to suspend the seedlings and pour them into the sprouter trays (it may take two or three times of rinsing and swirling and pouring to get them all out of the mason jar and into the trays). I stack the trays on the base and cover them with the lid. I rinse the seeds a couple times a day with a gentle shower from my faucet and recover the trays. Once the seedlings have reached the top of the trays, I remove the lid, separate the trays and expose them to light. I continue to rinse daily until they are ready to eat (or until the previous batch runs out and I need the sprouts). You will soon learn how often you need to start the next mason jars so that you can immediately refill the trays with seedlings. I can't stress enough how wonderful these spouters are. Just check out the photo of my current crop which is ready to harvest. Notice the sprouts I've gently pulled out of the tray showing the robust nature of the sprouts.

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5/5 stars

Nel Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2016 Verified Purchase

FINALLY!! Gem of a sprouter. Works great. Looks Fab! I've had many, many sprouters in my day. Mason jars, ceramic dishes, plastic dishes, plastic cups, bags, fancy automatic mister, etc. Those all worked fine, but after using the Gaia Sprouter, I don't think I'll ever use another, this is IT! And this is why, jars, bags, glass dishes, plastic dishes, they all work "ok" but I always found it a constant chore to keep the seeds happily damp and rinsed. Jars dry out fast and are hard to drain since all the seeds clog the top of the strainer, bags are ok but they get a bit...'ew' since the bag material is also taking on water all the time. Glass dishes, again sure, great but often they don't have a dedicated cover and again, quick drying. Plastic cups and dishes, meh. The automatic 5 tray mister worked amazingly well but it was large, softly audible and water levels have to be monitored plus SO many sprouts, more than I (and the chickens) could handle (although you could rotate the grow schedule). After donating all those to willing newbie sprouters, I again was buying sprouts in plastic bags, I thought ok, this just isn't cool. I did some research and found the Gaia Sprouter and thought this makes a lot of sense plus it looks fantastic, small, stylish, efficient. And boy, does it work great! It truly is the fired clay that keeps the humidity perfect inside. Rinse once a day and forget about it. I also found through the years sprouts really do prefer dark environments until you green them and again, this sprouter does just that. Small seeds will slip through the drain holes until they sprout tails; however, round paper discs are included to prevent this. I found landscape cloth to work better than the paper discs. The cloth allows a quicker drain and it's reusable over and over (but it is synthetic so there is that). I've sprouted sunflower, microgreens, alfalfa, lentils, oat groats, chia, flax and buckwheat in this gem and highly recommend it. Yes, it is more $ than a mason jar or bag but, the results are worth it and you will have it for many years. It's a fantastic, high quality, carefully made item, shipped quickly in well protected, all recyclable cardboard packaging. Makes a great gift that keeps giving :)

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5/5 stars

ChiBuyer Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2017 Verified Purchase

Perfect Sprouts Every Time 

Love this sprouter. Gaia Sprouter is 100% better than using a jar, faster, fresher, better quality sprouts. 

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Reviews from Amazon UK


5/5 stars

Calypsopiper Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 June 2014

Ideal for sprouting Chia and other small mucilaginous seeds... such as Chia, Cress, Flax, Mizuna(Japanese mustard), Radish and Rocket. This type of seed is best grown by sprinkling on a porous surface that has been pre-soaked with water. Other types of sprouter tend to fail, because the seeds become too wet and turn into a gelatinous mass, like frog spawn. A gentle, twice daily watering is best done with a spray bottle, possibly more frequently during dry warm weather. When the shoots start to appear you can separate the two growing tiers and place them in sunlight until ready for harvesting. Although I purchased it with this purpose in mind, it is excellent for all your sprouting needs. The Gaia Sprouter is a quality compact product, with a rustic feel, that will grace any nook and cranny in your kitchen. The item arrives well packed, thus minimizing the risk of damage in transit. It is easy to clean, with a look that screams organic nutrition. Just right for sprouting for one or two people - I love it. 

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5/5 stars

lioness Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 September 2014   Verified Purchase 


Love it. I know it's expensive but it's very lovely and works well and aesthetically pleasing and in constant use in our house. Mostly sprout mung beans. Has stopped me buying sprouts In health food shop. So Abingdon money in the end. 

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