GAIA Sprouters Company are designer and manufacturer of the GAIA sprouting range. We are the main supplier of GAIA Sprouters for the UK and the rest of the world. Our purpose is to search for meaningful solutions to the present life requirements. Natural materials and time-proven technologies have always been the source of our inspiration, which has gradually grown into the concept of our own range of utility designs and ideas. Our work is dedicated to enabling a sustainable and resilient system that is less dependent on fossil fuels. We have strong pro-sustainable and eco-friendly company policies and we constantly work to improve the quality of our service.

Our packaging is 99% plastic-free and all the parts, including the product are degradable. Our company is not VAT registered. By buying directly from us you participate in the development of new ideas and designs in our studio.




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Lucia Kostelnik - the designer of GAIA Sprouters


GAIA Sprouters have gained expertise in sprouting seeds in earthenware. Our GAIA Sprouter is a hand-crafted ceramic set made of pure earthenware clay. The unglazed trays of GAIA Sprouter (unlike glass or plastic sprouters) can provide a breathable and moist regulating environment. This simple system imitates natural conditions and ensures steady growth without the risk of drowning or drying-up seeds.

GAIA Sprouters are universal and ideal for sprouting, germinating and growing plant shoots, micro-greens or grasses without soil or compost. Sprouting Mung beans or seeds like Alfalfa and Broccoli is an extraordinarily simple process with exceptional benefits for the human body. Our body needs fresh, plant-based food to maintain optimal health and sprouts play an important role here. For sprouts to grow only a small space and basic equipment is required. It does not depend on season, nor does it require any fertilizers. As a result, sprouts are packed with vitamins, minerals, bio-available enzymes, phyto-nutrients, amino-acids and proteins and those are easily digested and absorbed, which means that our body is actually able to benefit from every single nutrient. Sprouts can be eaten raw or shortly cooked, in salads, soups or sandwiches, juiced or as nibbles.

GAIA Sprouter sprouts


“I think the sprouter is the best I have ever had, it makes really wonderful tasty sprouts… The price is quite reasonable for such a lovely hand made item. It is superior to my old plastic sprouter both aesthetically and in performance.”


“Within a week of having this clay sprouter, it became one of the indispensable items in my kitchen! I used to sprout in a jar, which was cumbersome. Now sprouting is easy peasy. And since there are 2 containers, you can stagger your harvest for non-stop sprouts. Simply put, I LOVE this!!!!!”


“On considering the price, my GAIA sprouter was a bit of an indulgent purchase. I am very pleased with it and the sprout harvests... I plan to experiment sprouting grains as I don’t fear wastage from the sprouts drying out or turning fusty. It is a very good quality product and it looks really cute on my worktop!”


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