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We love our GAIA sprouters!

“The GAIA Sprouter is a quality compact product, with a rustic feel, that will grace any nook and cranny in your kitchen. “

Available in colours like RACING GREEN, FIRED BROWNIVORY WHITE. Most importantly – seeds and beans happily grow in these earthenware sprouters into strong and healthy sprouts and shoots. This low maintenance, natural condition imitating system delivers on demand fresh sprouts and greens to your diet, aiding achievement of optimal health through nutrition.


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chickpeas in GAIA


So why sprout seeds in clay sprouters?

  • Fundamentally, sprouts are grown for a healthy diet. If seeds grow happily, we may expect healthy sprouts and these are better for us.
  • Firstly, sprouters made of a natural material like clay keep our planet less polluted – clay is part of Nature.
  • By using locally sourced clay, crafted by local potters we can supporting our community.

GAIA Sprouters still life

  • Thirdly and wonderfully, moist earthenware clay creates an ideal environment for sprouts to grow. Plastic containers or glass jars simply cannot compete with a clay sprouter in replicating the conditions which naturally occur in soil where the seeds normally sprout.

Radish in GAIA Sprouter

  • Clay sprouters can be used for generating various baby-plants, generally called sprouts, without using soil or compost. This includes germinating, sprouting, growing shoots, micro-greens or grasses. Soil-less sprouting is a neat, clean method that can be performed anywhere, even on the kitchen worktop without risk of contaminating other foods.

It is a very convenient and time efficient method.

Alfalfa in GAIA Sprouter

We have heard so many horror stories about plastic sprouters that turned the sprouts mouldy and ended up needing to be thrown away. Or sprouting in a glass jar where half of seeds were lost down the sink and the rest, struggling to drain properly, ended up smelling bad unless rinsed ‘religiously’ four times a day! The clay sprouter, if used correctly, really is effortless by comparison. The rule of “Less Is More” fits best when it comes to watering/rinsing the sprouts and whilst the clay vessel is moist, no watering is required at all. Undamaged, organically grown seed has the ability to protect itself from turning bad during sprouting, if the correct growing balance is sustained. To give sprouting seeds that natural balance we grow them in clay sprouters.

GAIA Sprouters shop

GAIA Sprouters – your ultimate shopping destination for clay sprouters

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Are you looking for a convenient, low maintenance system to grow your sprouts? Choose from 2-tier, 3-tier ones, large family ‘Mama’ sprouters or fancy jewel-like  Katalin-GAIAs. Add some sprouting seeds to it and don’t forget the accessories you may need.

Additionally, there are some bonus products too!

Get some advice on the ways you want to grow your sprouts and create your ultimate sprouting station on your kitchen worktop or a windowsill.

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GAIA Sprouters shop


Feature Pea shoots


Growing pea shoots in the GAIA Sprouter step by step:

After soaking a handful of dry peas in water for 12 hours, plump seeds are placed in the moisten earthenware sprouter GAIA (no soil) and covered with the lid of the sprouter. After few days the peas start to germinate.  They are watered once to twice a day. The GAIA Clay Sprouter provides the right humid but breathable environment to ensure healthy and steady growth. When the grown shoots cannot be covered with the lid, the sprouter is left open and placed on a sunny spot. Plant roots will grow through the drainage holes on the bottom of the GAIA clay tray. The roots use all the extra water that gathers in the base part of the sprouter.

This is a simple way to generate your own indoor greens – any season, any weather. Plant shoots are readily available and do not require processing – juts chop and eat. You can’t get them any fresher!