We love our GAIA sprouters!

“The GAIA Sprouter is a quality compact product, with a rustic feel, that will grace any nook and cranny in your kitchen. “

Available in colours like RACING GREEN, FIRED BROWNIVORY WHITE. Most importantly – seeds and beans happily grow in these earthenware sprouters into strong and healthy sprouts and shoots. This low maintenance, natural condition imitating system delivers on demand fresh sprouts and greens to your diet, aiding achievement of optimal health through nutrition.


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GAIA Sprouters


There are so many ways to improve our lives. The change may become sudden or gradual. The trigger may come from outside or from within or just through a gradual process of intellectual maturing. It may be something that was always there but we couldn’t see it, or it may be something we decided to give a chance at the moment when the ‘cup was full’.

Every new day is an opportunity to make choices and decisions. The clue is to see the broader picture. To stand out and try to realize the relation between our life and the whole purpose of existence. To tune and train ourselves to feel. Then we are able to re-evaluate and to choose the better path. In making decisions it is our consciousness and the awareness of consequences that guides us. We have the power to shape the future. The possibilities open up in front of us like doors. Luring us on more or less real ‘carrots on the stick’ and rewarding us by offering new doors, paths, levels…

We evolved to our present stage due to characteristics such as greed and desire for prestige, power and success. But these aggressive, progress-driving characteristics are balanced by our compassion, respect, need for each other, dignity and ultimately, need for Peace of Mind. I, like many others, like to choose. I like to make decisions for myself and walk that more complicated path hope this will enhance the quality of my existence and that of other beings around me. Luckily, I was brought up by two great people: my mother and my father. I felt challenged and intrigued. Though I was a bit stubborn, my childhood was planted with plenty of seed-doors, many of them started to opening and sprouting even now, 30 years later.

I know that a person must build his own strength and independence to be able to CREATE new doors and possibilities. We should be greedy for better solutions. We should have a desire for new improvements that are so powerful and accessible that they cannot be snatched by the self-centric elite. Our wish for prestige serves the aim of being an inspiration in a good and meaningful way. And the reward? To be inspired in turn by others, by their wish to do things better, to live life better for themselves and for us all.

I like exploring and eat healthily. I have over 15 years experience of growing sprouts in fired clay vessels (having been given my first terra-cotta sprouter by my father). Having the experience of using various sprouters, I liked to change certain features and qualities. My wish came true and the GAIA Sprouter I designed in 2012 fulfilled what was missing. Many things inspire me. Some of them are forgotten wisdoms of the past, some are new breakthroughs in problem-solving.  My design work gives me happiness and the flexibility to explore, learn, interact, provide, to be with my family, do my hobbies, be connected, less distracted, seek, listen, feel, act and fill my purpose. For that I am grateful and feel blessed that I had the courage to change my path when my cup of dissatisfaction filled up. And I am also grateful for my products and ideas being beneficial to many people around the world.