Hag Stone 13
  • Hag Stone 13
  • Hag Stone 13
  • Hag Stone 13
  • Hag Stone 13

Hag Stone 13

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Hag Stone - naturally occurring stone with single or multiple holes in it, also known as Holey StoneWitch StoneFairy Stone, or Eye Stone

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Weight: 23g

String lenght: 36cm

Size of the stone: cca 3cm across

Hag Stones: A Symbol of Magic and Protection

Hag Stones are rare, naturally occurring stones with single or multiple holes in them. They are also known as holey stones, witch stones, fairy stones, or eye stones. They have been used for various spiritual purposes throughout history and across cultures. Some of the purposes of Hag Stones are:

  • Protection: Hag Stones are believed to ward off evil spirits, curses, and negative energies. They can also protect against nightmares and bad dreams by placing them under the pillow or hanging them above the bed.

  • Healing: Hag Stones may have healing effects for both physical and mental ailments. They can serve as a Soothing Stone for spiritual reassurance, or a mnemonic object to remember a personal self-affirmation and to promote well-being.

  • Vision: Hag Stones are thought to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. They can allegedly help to open the third eye and allow the wearer to see beyond the physical realm: “By looking through the hole of the Hag Stone, one can glimpse into the past, present, or future.”

  • Beauty: Hag Stones are unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery that can complement any outfit. They have been hand-picked at Pevensey Bay Beach - England and hung on a leather string (some with adjustable length) and knotted with unique knotts. Our Hag stones are made with love that makes them a perfect personal gift and a special keepsake.

Order yours today and discover the magic and protection of Hag Stones.

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